Luna Lovequilts - Horizon quilt pattern - Quilting close-up


March 2020

Machine straight line quilting

? ? ? First, just a quick note to mention that a few people left comments recently that I am not able to answer to. I don’t know why but it has happened more frequently these past months … If you wrote a comment and never heard from me it is probably because your email address is hidden and then I have no means to contact you. Irene, JC in TX, … and a few “Unknown” … 😉 if you would like to get in touch please send me an email. You can use the ‘envelope’ icon on the right… +

Luna Lovequilts - Tutorial - Hiding quilting thread ends


January 2018

Hiding quilting thread ends

Earlier this week I had a discussion with an IG friend on how to hide threads when machine quilting. She thinks this topic could interest other people and suggested that I share my method. And this suggestion was very welcome since I haven’t really significant progress to blog about this week 🙂 I only pieced some extra blocks for my improv curves project and I am now joining them together. Cette semaine, j’ai eu une discussion avec une amie Instagram à propos de comment arrêter les fils dans le cas du quilting machine. Elle pense que le sujet pourrait intéresser d’autres… +

Luna Lovequilts - Detail of hand quilting on my Feux Follets quilt


November 2017

How I choose a quilting design

For some projects I settle on the quilting design already during the assembly step. But if I have no particular plan I sketch a few designs before getting into the quilting. I took a few picture to show you my process. Pour certains projets, je suis déjà fixée sur le design du quilting lors de l’étape d’assemblage. Mais si je n’ai pas d’idée particulière, je dessine quelques possibilités avant de me lancer dans le quilting. J’ai pris quelques photos pour vous montrer ma démarche. Detail of the quilting design on my Feux Follets quilt First I take a picture of… +